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AMPA Cookbook


The official cookbooks of the American Mini Pig Association!  Recipes for Mini Pig Snacks, Meals & Care.

Choose from:

AMPA ULTIMATE Cookbook Natural Diet Guide recommended by Swine Veterinarian Cathy Zolicani/Corrigan, DVM 134 pages


AMPA Cookbook featuring PigxelArt 53 pages



Choose an AMPA Cookbook. The official cookbooks of the American Mini Pig Association!  Recipes for Mini Pig Snacks, Meals & Care. Choose from two cookbooks each with it’s own charm and offerings. Enjoy a different variety of recipes in each cookbook.

We are offering the cookbooks in a variety of bundles: both physical and digital editions (the digital edition is in full color throughout!), plus the option to purchase some of the accessories found in the book: a pig shaped cookie cutter and a pig silicone mold.

The AMPA ULTIMATE Cookbook is the ultimate mini pig natural diet guide, veterinarian recommended by Dr. Cathy Zolicani/Corrigan, DVM includes the following categories:

  • 7 Day Menu Plans
  • Healthy & Toxic Foods List
  • Body Condition Chart
  • Natural Diet Guide
  • Fodder Guide
  • Vitamins & Supplements Guide
  • Drinks
  • Smoothies & Frozen Treats
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Dessert
  • Birthday Bash
  • Enrichment Activities
  • Training Treats
  • Vitamin & Supplement Recipes
  • & MORE!!

The AMPA Cookbook featuring PigxelArt includes the following categories:

• One Ingredient Treats
• No Bake Treats
• Cookies Fit For a Pig
• Cakes, Cupcakes and Muffins
• Natural Diet Guide
• Breakfast Started Right
• Light Lunch
• Dinner Delish
• Sprouting Fodder
• Natural Bug Repellents
• Odor and Urine Removal
• Mini Pig First Aid
• Skin Care

Also featuring original artwork by Pigxel Art made especially for this cookbook.

The AMPA extends our deepest gratitude to all the pig parents that contributed or inspired recipes or photos. Without your generosity and support, this book would not have been possible. Special thanks to Stacey Davenport of Pig Pen Hill Mini Pigs for editing as well as fodder photos and resources.

Cookbook compiled by Stephanie Matlock
Artwork and layout by Kevin Gottuso

Copyright © 2016 American Mini Pig Association, LLC
Sukoshi Buta & Friends and related artwork is copyright © 2016 Pigxel Art and used under permission.

Visit our new mini pig training website!  Mini Pig Training Academy!

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ULTIMATE Cookbook (book only), Cookbook ft. PigxelArt (book only), ULTIMATE Cookbook + Accessories, Cookbook ft. PigxelArt + Accessories, BOTH Cookbooks, BOTH Cookbooks + Accessories


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