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Snout Art Painting Pigs 11×14 Wrapped Canvas


11 by 14 inch Snout Art™ painted by pig artist Petunia with her special Snout Signature. Includes “About Me” from the artist and photo of the artist.

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11 by 14 inch Snout Art™ painted by pig artists with their special Snout Signature. Includes “About Me” from the artist and photo of the artist.

Snout Art is the original artwork painted by Olivia, Petunia, and DaVinci registered American Mini Pigs!

Olivia and Petunia mini pigs started Snout Art™ to help raise funds for mini pigs in need. In January 2016, DaVinci joined the Snout Art family! Olivia, Petunia, and DaVinci are AMPA Registered Mini Pigs. They continue to do volunteer work and donate to causes and fundraisers throughout the community, including the AMPA’s 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to rescued mini pigs, American Mini Pig Rescue. Snout Art is a trademarked brand name, but you can choose another term to reference your own painting pigs! The pigs use their snouts to paint on to the canvas. No two paintings are ever alike, as these artists have a mind of their own. If you see a special painting, be sure to grab it quick! There will never be another like it.

Visit our Facebook page to meet the artists!! We have pictures and videos of the pig-kids in action — PAINTING!

Follow us on Facebook for frequent fundraisers and auctions to support animal rescues, sanctuaries, and welfare organizations.

The AMPA will donate one microchip to a pig in need with every Snout Art™ sold. Rescues and families in need may apply for free microchip assistance at the American Mini Pig Rescue 501c3 nonprofit organization’s website.

Learn more about teaching your pig to paint with a tutorial by Snout Art™ here. 

View all available Snout Art™ here. 

Custom Snout Art™ may be purchased on Etsy.


When the Snout Art family fostered a displaced pig, they taught her to paint! Elphie took her first painting home to her adoptive mom. Watch the video here


Olivia and Petunia painted Snout Art for Christmas presents ordered through their Etsy Shop. Watch them paint for Austin,here

Sometimes there’s fun games on the Snout Art Facebook page, like this Snout Art Bingo! Look how much Petunia LOVES to paint! Watch here

Petunia tells mom she isn’t done painting. Check it out, here

Olivia is having a tail wagging good time. She loves earning special snacks. Watch Olivia in action, here

One more of Petunia. She really gets into it. Sometimes she even throws in some hoof action! Watch the video here.

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